Painting Miniatures - A Tutorial

I love painting miniatures! You can so easily engage with the canvas and the images so you can spend anywhere from 20 minutes to 2 hours on it! And, of course, they usually turn out amazing cause no one can see your mistakes!!


Here are a few that Ive done recently, so Ill take you through my process:


1. Lay down a base colour or if you're a bit lazy (like me), buy a canvas of that colour

2. Choose a few reference images. It makes color matching much simpler and you can think about your composition before hand. If you need it make some light pencil marks to lay down the image. 

3. You can skip this step if you want to use your own pallet but i do recommend fixing your canvas to another piece of card so you can move your canvas around without actually touching it (a smudge could easily ruin the whole painting). I fix my canvas to an A4 size piece of cardboard and then put small amounts of paint along the top. It just makes the whole process more accessible. I sometimes use a small bottle of water to clean my brushes as well.


4. I then apply the paint in small circles. This is just a technique I use though, feel free to apply as you want to! If I need to create a gradient over a large area, I actually use my finger to apply paint, it usually works better than a brush.

5. After I'm happy with it and its dry, I just spray on a thin layer of varnish to finish!

It's not much, but these techniques work for me every time! Let me know what you think!