First Attempts at Digital Art

After moving, its been really difficult to keep up my art. Ive been sketching and drawing but not for myself. So in an attempt to get back to it, I tried digital art on my iPad. I used Adobe Draw with my Apple Pencil. I can definitely say now that the pencil works seamlessly with the iPad and I really enjoyed the whole process. Now, keep in mind this is my first attempt so don't judge too hard! 

This is the image I based it off of; definitely one of my favorite photographs (taken by Steve McCurry)



I began with an initial sketch and then experimented with a couple brushes to get a feel of the app.

Initial Sketch

Yeah, I know, its a very very rough sketch but it served as a baseline for laying down the color. I struggled with the proportions as I had the picture printed (old-school) next to my Ipad and was trying to sketch, but I think in the end, I did it justice.

The final piece 

So, there you go. My first attempt. I don't have too many positive things to say about the final piece but, hopefully, that's because Im really not used to it. Maybe this will become my primary medium some day in the very very distant future. But right now, everything about this was a struggle. I don't even feel comfortable sketching yet. 

If you have any tips, comment below!



Venice I

Recently, I visited Venice, Italy on holiday. As it was a city that Ive always wanted to go to, so, of course, I planned each day to the minute to try and do as much as possible. To be very honest, it wasn’t enough time in the city. I wish I could have spent a few more days just wandering and exploring. Its a truly wonderful city; you can be walking through the narrowest of streets with only a strip of blue sky above you and suddenly it will open onto a beautiful square, probably with achurch. It inspired me to begin this series of sketches which I will post here in three posts. Now, don’t expect too much, they are just scribbles created standing in the middle of a busy square. Hope you like them!