Experimenting and Testing

Before I start a new painting, I make it a point to do at least one experiment or test. Not only does it help solidify the idea in your head; you can make sure that the colors work well together and even experiment with the technique. A lot of these are on small cheap stretched canvases but I do it on paper as well. So I thought I'd share some these as they're just stacked up in a shelf at the moment.

1. Testing Color  

Sometimes I just do a swatch on piece of cardboard but more often than not I'll use a small canvas. The benefit of using the canvas is that you can truly see the colors combining and every combination of them all in one. You can even practice the technique you want to use! For colors that I'm more familiar with, its usually just a few smudges of the colors on a piece of cardboard. All of this effort is just so that you have no surprises with a strange color or an unattractive combination on a 'final' piece. 

2. Combining Techniques

This was for a commissioned piece so I had very little room for error. I experiemented with multiple techniques on this canvas; layering and combining to create a final working composition. It was for a therapist's office so it had to add to a calm atmosphere. I had to make sure that the techniques and colors didn't take away from it.

3. Experimenting with a new technique

This particular one was my first attempt at fluidart (pouring paint to create pieces). I typically practice and experiment with a technique before I begin a piece. It's better to experiment and develop your own take on the experiment before you begin - especially with a technique that's currently trending. You want to stand out. In my opinion, this really helps developing a personal style. 


Thinking about trying this? Or have any suggestions? Comment and share below!!